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JALITE photoluminescent warning safety signs are proven to allow responsible persons to manage the risks of a hazard within a particular environment. Such hazards if not controlled can pose as a risk to injury, harm, or death for occupants of environments with hazardous works or substances. This includes works within factories, laboratories, construction areas and most workplace environments. Occupants must be cautious and aware of such risks whilst within these environments.

JALITE photoluminescent warning safety signs conform to BS ISO 3864-1:2011 with a yellow triangle with a black border. The graphical symbols of these safety signs also conform to BS EN ISO 7010:2020 and are available with or without supplementary text to improve comprehension, as specified in BS 5499-10:2014. Some of the warning safety signs we offer include warning flammable material, warning acetylene, warning explosion Risk, warning risk of falling, and warning bio-hazard and more available in various sizes.

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BS ISO 17398:2004 - Safety colours and safety signs. Classification performance and durability of signs.

DIN 67 510 Part 1: 2009 - Phosphorescent pigments and products - measurement and identification by the manufacturer.

DIN 67 510 Part 4: 2008 - Phosphorescent pigments and products - luminance requirements for photoluminescent materials.

BS ISO 3864-1:2011 - Graphical symbols - Safety colours and safety signs - Part 1: Design principles for safety signs and safety markings.

BS ISO 3864-3:2012 - Graphical symbols - Safety colours and safety signs - Part 3: Design principles for graphical symbols for use in safety signs.

BS ISO 3864-4:2011 - Graphical symbols - Safety colours and safety signs - Part 4: Colorimetric and photometric properties of safety sign materials

BS 5499-10:2014: Safety signs, including fire safety signs - Guidance for the selection and use of safety signs and fire safety notices.

BS EN ISO 7010:2020: Graphical symbols - Safety colours and safety signs - Registered safety signs.

Each JALITE sign has a unique code number, after the sign code you will see the size code as shown in the example below.




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The expected viewing distance of a safety sign is described according to the Z factor. The Z factor is the ratio of the viewing distance divided by the sign height (graphical symbol height plus geometric shape according to BS EN ISO 7010:2020 image) - Direct line of sight.

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The standard BS ISO 3864-1:2011 specifies a system of geometric shapes and safety colours for use with the appropriate graphical symbols to produce safety signs.

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The following materials are used to manufacture JALITE products. 



A (100 x 100mm)

C (150 x 150mm)

D (150 x 200mm)

DD (200 x 200mm)

E (200 x 200mm)

M (80 x 200mm)

P (75 x 150mm)

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JALITE framing solutions are specifically manufactured for JALITE signage, especially escape route signage. Our frames enable Class C+ luminance performance of JALITE signs, whilst protecting the safety signs from damage.

JALITE offer a range of frames for safety signs with options for aluminium frames or plastics depending on the type and size of safety sign.

JALITE frames are robust and an aesthetically pleasant housing for all your safety sign requirements.

For escape route signage specifically, JALITE offer single sided and double-sided options ideal for your application needs.

Warning safety sign in frame

DESCRIPTION: Single Sided Wall Mounted Frame

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