Safety Signs - Warning

Quick overview of the products

Warning risk of falling
Warning Radioactive Materials, Danger radioactive substance
Warning Asbestos
General warning
Warning High voltage
Warning High sound level
Mandatory instruction notice
Warning Slippery surface
Warning Flammable liquid
Beware biological hazard
Mandatory combination sign
Warning High sound levels Aviso Níveis altos de ruído
Warning flammable material
Beware of guard dog
Warning Explosion risk
Beware low temperature
Beware of overhead loads
Warning industrial vehicles
Warning Non Ionising radiation
Warning Low oxygen levels, Caution Low oxygen levels
Warning Spill hazard
Beware toxic material
Warning - Extremely cold
Warning Corrosive substance
Warning Toxic
Hot surface
Beware non ionizing radiation
Overhead fixed obstruction
Beware motor stops and starts automatically
Warning Fork Lift trucks, Warning vehicles
Beware oxidiizing material
Beware strong magnetic field
Warning Moving Crane
Fire Extinguisher discharge system
Beware of laser beam
Beware ionizing radiation
Warning Explosive atmosphere
Warning Toxic chemicals
Warning Vehicles
Warning Hot surface
Warning Electricity
Corrosive, Wear protective clothing
Beware of sudden loud noises
Warning fragile roof
Warning - Liquid nitrogen sign
Site safety notice
Beware of fork lift trucks
Warning mind the step
Warning Trip hazard
Warning Hot water

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  • Lloyd's Register
  • BSI Group
  • International Maritime Organization
  • International Organization for Standardization
  • Photoluminescent Safety Products Association