Safety Signs - Mandatory Instruction

Quick overview of the products

To be kept unlocked during working hours
Switch off after use
Special Needs Access & Assistance - Ramped access
Fire Door Keep Shut
Ventilation must be in use
Keep clear. Exit for escape route
Keep locked shut when not in use
Switch off when not in use
Staircase must be kept clear at all times
Automatic fire door keep clear
Helideck safety notice
Ventilation to be in use prior to entry
Keep clear sign
Close these doors at night
Escape route keep clear
Keep locked shut
Safe Area - Fire Action Notice
Guards must be in position before starting
Storage area keep locked shut. Do not use this area as a work room.
Close this door at night
All visitors please report to
Fire notice. This area must be kept clear at all times
Lift correctly
Fire door keep locked shut
Keep Locked
Wash your hands
Mandatory sign
This door to be kept locked on security alert
Fire Escape Keep Clear
Allanfa dân cadwch yn glir
Special Needs Access & Assistance - Level Access
Keep these premises tidy
Wear protective clothing
Remember! Close all doors
Smoke door keep shut
You are entering a CO2 protected area
Use guards
Check guard
Sound horn
Escape route keep clear at all times
Accidents must be reported
In case of emergency pull cord
Baggage and personal searches maybe conducted
Stack goods correctly
It is an offence to tamper with fire fighting equipment
Keep clear
C02 Protected area On hearing the alarm vacate the space and close all exits behind you
Pedestrians must use this route
This door must be kept closed
Use adjustable guard

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  • Lloyd's Register
  • BSI Group
  • International Maritime Organization
  • International Organization for Standardization
  • Photoluminescent Safety Products Association