Different Sign Types Available

Safety signs are essential tools for creating a safer environment, promoting compliance with safety regulations, and effectively communicating critical information to individuals in various settings, JALITE offer a range of different sign types, in this section we will show examples and viewing areas for different types of signs e.g. Wall mounted signs, Panoramic signs, Double-sided wall mounted signs and Double-sided hanging signs.

Wall Mounted Safety Signs

Wall mounted signs can be seen clearly when approaching them from straight on offering a viewing area of 90°

JALITE Wall Mounted safety signs

Panoramic Safety Signs

Panoramic wall mounted signs offer a wide viewing area of that can be viewed in most directions when approaching them, offering 180° viewing area.

JALITE Panoramic safety signs

Double-sided Safety Signs

Double-sided wall mounted signs aim is to offer a wide viewing radius, ideal for corridors where the sign can be viewed when approaching from two directions.

JALITE Double-sided Signs

Double-sided Hanging Safety Signs

Double-sided hanging signs aim is to offer a wide viewing radius in a large area, when approaching from two directions.

JALITE Hanging Double-sided Signs