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The year 2000 brought photoluminescent systems to the forefront for emergency light and escape path marking. JALITE Photoluminescent systems offer the unique solution to failsafe emergency light and emergency exit signs under any formal risk assessment.

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Why choose Jalite ?

A British family owned company with the highest standards and quality in photoluminescent fire safety signs. We pride ourselves on providing you as our valued authorised distributor with continued support for you and your customers. Our customer services team are only a phone call or email away to advise you and assist you.

  • Trust

    • Established in 1983
    • Family-owned
    • Made in Britain
    • Fast delivery and lead times
  • Service

    • UK based customer services team
    • Technical support for BSI and ISO info.
    • Marketing and Literature resources
  • Conformance

    • 40 years of knowledge of Standards
    • In house research and development
    • Quality fire safety signs
  • Performance

    • Market leading photoluminescent material
    • Class C+ luminance performance
    • Rigid and vinyl photoluminescent material
  • Compliance

    • BS EN ISO 7010:2020
    • BS 5499-4:2013
    • DIN 67 510 Part 1:2009
    • DIN 67 510 Part 4: 2008

Lives depend on how you do your job! Let's do it right and save lives together ! Great solutions for your product needs and outstanding service for all our distributors, your success is our success!

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Learn about safety

JALITE are committed to keeping our customers informed with all the pertinent news and updates to Legislation, British and International Standards, guidance, special offers and much more. Find these updates below.

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Different Sign Types Available

Different Sign Types Available

JALITE offer a range of different sign types, in this section we will show examples and viewing areas for Wall mounted signs, Panoramic signs, Double-sided wall mounted signs and Double-sided hanging signs. Wall Mounted Signs Wall mounted signs can be seen clearly when approaching them from straight on offering a viewing area of 90° Panoramic Signs Panoramic wall mounted signs offer a wide viewing area of that can be viewed in most directions when approaching them, offering 180° viewing area. Double-sided Signs Double-sided wall mounted signs aim is to offer a wide viewing radius, ideal for corridors where the sign can be viewed when approaching from two directions. Double-sided Signs Double-sided hanging signs aim is to offer a wide viewing radius in a large area, when approaching from two directions.  

Expected viewing distance of a safety sign

Expected viewing distance of a safety sign

Expected viewing distance of JALITE AAA Exit signs The expected viewing distance of a safety sign is described according to the Z factor. The Z factor is the ratio of the viewing distance divided by the sign height (graphical symbol height plus geometric shape according to ISO 7010 image) - Direct line of sight    

Power Outages Across the North East will Wreak Havoc on Emergency Lighting Systems

Power Outages Across the North East will Wreak Havoc on Emergency Lighting Systems

   Many emergency lights and Exit signs use a backup battery to perform under emergency conditions, however they have don’t have the ability to differentiate between a power outage due to a hurricane and a power outage due to an emergency such as a fire in the facility – they will revert to battery power until normal power conditions are restored. Unfortunately the wide spread loss of power due to the recent storm will reduce the service life of the batteries in the traditional electrical emergency lighting systems and increase the maintenance costs, using more of the limited resources of facilities across the North East. Fortunately some facilities have taken steps to proactively reduce maintenance costs, and will not have to replace batteries in their EXIT signs as they have installed non-electric photoluminescent EXIT signs from Jalite. These UL Listed EXIT Signs are compliant with NFPA Life Safety Code 101 and the IBC code, and require NO additional power where conditions permit. (See below)* Contact Jalite to find a distributor near you, and reduce maintenance costs in your facility. Or visit our new website exclusively devoted to our full range of UL Listed EXIT signs. *A minimum of 5 foot candles of fluorescent ambient light must be on the face of the sign when occupied.

Test your knowledge!!

Before choosing a supplier of safety signs it is essential to have some knowledge of the risks, the legislations and the standards of best practices for safety signs.

About us

JALITE has been in business since 1983 with the brand JALITE and we are proud to be the pioneers of all the main applications for photoluminescent 'See in the Dark' safety products. 

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Over 109 countries

Jalite products have been developed and supplied to over 100 countries in the world and often with safety messages in the local language or with dual language.

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