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ISO EN 7010 New Amendment 4

A new amendment to ISO EN 7010 has been published which formalises the addition of shipboard safety signs to the workplace and public place safety sign arena. 48 safety signs are now standardized in ISO EN 7010 and fully meet the design requirements of ISO 3864 Standards. These safety signs are an integral part of the Shipboard Safety Sign Standard ISO 24409-2 to be published shortly.

Stay Safe in a Tall Building, Know the Plan

Stay Safe in a Tall Building, Know the Plan

In July of 2009, a fire broke out on the 9th floor of a 14-storey residency by the south of London. The fire quickly spread to the 11th floor where it took the lives of six residents. Weeks before the fire one of the victims had asked why there were no diagrams in the building to show where the emergency exits were. Those who perished in the fire had remained in their flat, but those who did escape the blaze described the scene as being “chaotic” and said that the maze-like layout of the building made evacuation extremely difficult. Why weren’t evacuation plans installed within the large, 14-storey building? An inquiry into the answer of that question began on January 14, 2013.   The National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) released an article on their site that describes how to stay safe if you are in a tall building. The number one tip? Know the plan. The article says, “Make sure that you're familiar with your building's evacuation plan, which should illustrate what residents are supposed to do in the event of an emergency.” These all important diagrams were unfortunately absent from too many tragedies. Ensure that the occupants and staff in your facility stay safe and “know the plan.” Contact JALITE today to find out how you can install photoluminescent evacuation plans to identify the way out in both a light and dark emergency. With JALITE evacuation plans you can rest assured that - When the lights go out, ours go on™. 

Safe Condition Safety Signs

Safe Condition Safety Signs

Means of Escape, First aid equipment identification and location and emergency instruction for people with special needs signs are categorized within safe condition signs. These signs have the colour green according to ISO 3864-4 and should be prominently displayed to meet fire safety and occupational health and safety regulations. The following sub categories are for convenience and can be searched for valuable information on the correct use. Emergency Equipment              First aid & emergency equipment            Emergency Equipment - Life Saving             Emergency Equipment - Evacuation             Rescue & Evacuation Equipment Means of Escape             Means of Escape - Exit             Means of Escape - Fire Exit             Means of Escape - Assembly Area             Means of Escape - Stairway & Floor ID             Means of Escape Door Escape mechanism & Panic hardware             Means of Escape - International Way guidance              Means of escape - directional             Means of Escape- UL Tested Exit


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High Rise, Exit Path Markings

High Rise, Exit Path Markings

New York City was the first legal jurisdiction to adopt as law the use of photoluminescent technology in the vertical exits of high rise facilities.The common terminology for this requirement is Stairwell Egress path marking however in photoluminescent terms is Safety Wayguidance system (SWG) or non-electrical, escape route lighting. JALITE is proud to haveplayed a big part of this development. JALITE was the leading manufacturer of photoluminescent safety products on the New York City task force that developed their reference standard for high rise, exit path markings (RS6-1) in accordance with their Local law 26. RS6-1 and which became the basis for revisions to the IBC, NFPA and Canadian building codes. JALITE is playing a major part in satisfying the needs of building owners and facilites management as we observe the progressive adoption of the IBC 2009 Code throughout the world.



JALITE INC is supporting North and South American clients and users expanding the applications of UL924 Photoluminescent Signs, Safety wayguidance systems in tall buildings as well as use in transportation. Technical and Customer Service support is given in long established applications of Military, Aviation and Marine and Offshore sectors

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