In a real fire, smoke is not as you see it in the movies. This film simulates a real warehouse fire, where Styrofoam cups in cardboard boxes are the fuel. (Styrofoam and cardboard are widely used in many packages from toys to electronics.) While the narrator points out many of the dangers and potential outcomes, she does not draw your attention to the decreasing visibility and loss of light in this short 3 minute fire.
Notice at the start you’re able to see the room and light behind the two stacks of product. Then how after one and a half minutes you’re almost unable to see the room and after 2 minutes you’re barely able to make out the light fixture itself.
The question of the narrator is “Does your facility have sprinklers?” a good question no doubt, but I would also add, “Does your facility have proper low level emergency escape route lighting?”
When the lights go out, whether due to power failure or smoke, ours turn on. Contact Jalite to find a local distributor to schedule an audit and review of your facility or a detailed survey.