JALITE Photoluminescent Safety Signs are safety signs which are produced using phosphorescent material that absorb light energy under normal lighting conditions and will then release this stored energy in the form of light over time. If the lighting is lost or obscured during a power failure or an emergency, JALITE Photoluminescent Safety Signs will remain conspicuous and visible to evacuees and emergency services providing essential safety information and instruction. The brightness of the signs on power loss and length of time over which the safety signs remain visible depends on the amount of light illuminating the sign prior to the emergency and the performance classification of the material chosen. JALITE has led the way in performance standards for photoluminescent safety signs and related safety way guidance products for well over 30 years. The photoluminescent safety signs using JALITE AAA and JALITE SB quality are of course the best in their Class! These products show exceptional brightness and longevity while being quick charging even at low light levels.

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