Unfortunately EXIT Signs can be subject to being repeatedly damaged and purchasing a replacement and hiring an electrician to install makes it an extremely costly affair. Brown University reported Exit signs vandals have cost them over $30,000 a year in replacing damaged Exit signs. They are not alone with many universities reporting similar frustrations having to replace broken signs and deal with the safety hazard of having to ensure all signs are functioning.  Just have a look at how some students proudly demonstrate their abilities on youtube.
Even with sturdy guards in place exit signs can still be damaged, at which point the extra protection may serve to make maintenance more difficult, time consuming, and more costly to replace both the exit sign and protection.
JALITE Non-electrical UL Listed Exit signs, are an easy way to comply with code requirements to identify the exit, in both normal and emergency conditions, yet are for more difficult to damage, and don’t require an electrician to install if required.
If your facility suffers from vandals and you want information about how our non-electrical exit signs can reduce vandalism at your location, contact us today