May13th marks week two of the International Code Council’s Building Safety Month focusing on Disaster Safety and Mitigation. With hurricane season being less than two months away, JALITE wants to know: As an employer, are you prepared to keep your employees safe during a disaster?
NYU Hospital thought it was prepared when it installed backup generators. During 2012’s deadly Hurricane Sandy, which claimed the lives of almost 300 people and left over 8 million people without power, over 200 patients in NYU hospital were forced to be evacuated when their backup generators failed. With a hospital plunged into darkness, some patients had to be carried down 15 flights of stairs with only a flashlight to guide them. As we’ve mentioned before in our article about “slips, trip, and falls”, visual impairment when walking down stair is one of the leading causes of workplace injuries; a task made even more challenging when done in the dark.
NYU wasn’t the only hospital evacuate in the darkness. In fact, several NYC hospitals were also evacuated due to power failures. With over 178 million power outages each year in the US, how do you safely evacuate a building? JALITE egress markers and stair markers are manufactured to guide you to safety under any circumstances; our photoluminescent technology makes is clear to see in even the darkest conditions. Contact us for more information!