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  • Safety Tapes

    JALITE offer a full range of photoluminescent self adhesive tape products all with high brightness performance for safety way guidance systems.

  • Facility management signs

    JALITE can satisfy your full needs for signage across all facilities and ammenities. JALITE Graphic designers use the latest ISO Standards ISO 7000 and ISO 7001 for well understood Graphical symbols for all your facilities as well for any safety requirements.

  • 'See in the Dark' Clothing

    JALITE Hi-visibility clothing incorporates high brightness photoluminescent stripes with retro-reflective and daylight fluorescence keeping key personnel clearly visible in all lighting conditions.

  • Coatings

    JALITE surface coatings for all applications offer ultimate high brightness performance as required for floors and walls.

  • Safety Wayguidance - Escape route marking

    Safety Way Guidance products cover the whole range of photoluminescent products - Escape route markings provide the 'See in the dark' elements to clearly delineate the escape route path.

  • Safety Signs

    JALITE is known for  the most comprehensive range of safety signs designed to the very best practice and using the highest quality photoluminescent materials. JALITE has safety signs for fire safety, marine safety and for risk reduction in all industrial, commercial and work place environments.

  • Floorings

    JALITE have developed over the years a broad range of flooring products and accessories from ceramic tiles to PVC industrial carpets and mats.

  • Training Aids

  • Ordinary Safety Signs

    Ordinary Signs are as defined by ISO 3864 Part 4 Photometric and Colorimetric properties of safety signs. These are safety signs made from ordinary, non reflective, no photoluminescent materials that have no special photometric properties. There are some safety signs that communicate safety messages that may not need to be legible under all lighting conditions including power failure or indeed are illuminated by lighting or daylight at all occupation times. These safety signs are illuminated by reflected light only. Risk Assessment and safety policy will determine which safety signs may not need to be 'See'in Dark' photoluminescent.

  • Special Custom Product

  • Marine IMO Safety Signs

    JALITE marine safety signs, supplied since early 1980's to the Offshore Oil exploration markets in the UK and were then subsequently adopted by IMO in SOLAS Regulations for both passenger vessls and merchant fleets. All safety signs for shipboard applications are now in ISO 24409-2 and many adopted for ISO EN 7010.

  • UL 924 Listed Signs

    UL 924 Listed Signs are Photoluminescent Signs tested and accredited to replace electrical emergency lighting Exit Signs in many jurisdictions and under a broad number of Building and Safety Codes in the USA, Canada and Internationally under fire safety codes such as NFPA Life Safety Code 101

  • MEA and OSHA Exit Sign

  • Supplementary and text signs

  • Fire Safety Signs and Notices

  • Safety Sign - Dual Language

  • Ordinary decals

  • Safety Sign - Tie Tag

  • Marine Fire Control Symbol Signs

  • US Fire Equipment Signs

    Fire Equipment Location signs are required to meet OSHA legal requirments. JALITE has produced a range of Fire Fighting Equipment location signs that helps bridge the gap between USA common practice and ISO Standards for Graphical Symbols. Colour and Shape are in harmony with ANSI and ISO Standards.

  • Marine Safety Sign

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  • Lloyd's Register
  • BSI Group
  • International Maritime Organization
  • International Organization for Standardization
  • Photoluminescent Safety Products Association